Benefits of hiring PCO cars for drivers

PCO, the private carriage officer, is a license required by all transport supply companies. Whether you own a car rental company, a freelance driver or a courier service, you need to have your vehicle PCO licensed to run legally in the city.

The requirements by the private carriage officer (PCO) is that the vehicle is under 10 years of age and it meets very strict emission standards. In fact, a large majority of drivers choosing hybrid vehicles, so that they can keep their costs down, cut their carbon footprint and meet PCO requirements.

There are so many advantages to hiring a PCO car for drivers over buying their own. The very first advantage is that you don't need to bear any maintenance costs. The rental you pay each month usually includes servicing and repair, which means you get a well-maintained PCO car that you know you can rely on daily at a price you can afford.

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